Got an idea or concept for a painting that you would like to have created for you by me? I do, time permitting, accept commissions. However, there must be something about a commission that moves and captivates me-- Run your idea by me and we can go from there.

I rarely accept portrait-style commissions.

Please read how the commission process works, and then submit a Commission Inquiry.


If after discussing your idea we both choose to move forward, I’ll price the project for you. I will then send you a commission sales agreement outlining mutually agreed upon terms such as costs, materials, timeline, and delivery. Once you have returned the signed agreement to me, along with a 20% deposit, I’ll get started on a preliminary sketch.

After completing the sketch, I will submit it to you for approval. You will then either request changes for me to make and re-submit to you for review or you will approve the sketch. Once the sketch is approved I will being work on the pastel painting and at this time the deposit is non-refundable.

Upon completion of the commissioned work, full payment will be due. I will package the original safely, insure it, and ship it off to you.

Submit a commission inquiry now for your personalized Sanborn original!