Giving feels good. Giving out of Love.

I am a philanthropist, friend, lover, brother, uncle, partner. I want to represent a positive force within the gay community and hope that my efforts to bring awareness to important issues is heard. I believe in giving back, paying it forward and always being mindful of others. To be kind to one another. To always do things out of love.

  • I donate several paintings and my time throughout the year to local charity Auctions like ARS, Make a Wish, Local Library Fund Raisers, Frannie Peabody Foundation. It gives me perspective and absolute joy to give to these organizations and I'm always looking for new ones to work with.
  • I believe in paying if forward and am moving in the direction that allows me to give back more. Helping organizations embrace developing art auctions to raise money. To see the power of art within the community as an important role in raising money.
  • I also believe in giving awareness to gay youth issues and to stand up to bullying. All children deserve a chance to be free and be themselves without the pressures of others breaking their spirit. Through my art and public service, I attempt to bring awareness to the issues facing youth and adults. Growing up, I was bullied terribly and it's important to me that I can do my part in helping the next generation
  • I am willing to work with any organization that does positive work and brings strength, hope and  to those in need. If you are interested, feel free to contact me to see if we can work together.
  • Goal is to bring awareness, inspiration to other artists and emerging artists

I'm developing a new greeting card line to give back to the amazing community of men who want to marry their love and to the community of those who adore their gay friends and want to celebrate their union together. The sale of every card will have a percentage donated to a charity and the cards themselves will give message to the fact that 'love is love'.

Art is my life, my persona and in Fellini’s words “All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster's autobiography”, and I am in the process of creating mine. I live to create art, to serve art and to spread art through my actions. All it takes is one drop to let water flow freely beyond the limits of a brim and in my lifetime I hope to represent that drop – a positive force within the gay community. Using art as a medium, I want to encourage a change in society’s paradigm to allow gay youth to feel liberated and live without others breaking their spirit.

I wish to empower and inspire everyone around me with all the love and kindness I have within me to give. Currently, I’m developing a line of greeting cards to celebrate the beautiful union of two lovers in the gay community and their friends, where a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization. I always look for opportunities to give back to my community. I want to help organizations embrace the practice developing art auctions to raise money. I donate several paintings and my time throughout the year to local charity auctions like ARS, Make a Wish, Local Library Fund Raisers and the Frannie Peabody Foundation. It helps me gain perspective and appreciate art as a movement to empower a community. It gives me a sense of belonging to something bigger and feel connected to humanity in a way that is unmatched to any other type of happiness. I have personally felt that “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” (Mahatma Gandhi). I have found gratification and contentment through public service and am always looking for more opportunities to do so.  

I am a philanthropist, friend, son, lover, brother, uncle, partner – I am Brenden Sanborn.