Artist Statement

My artistic journey is a process which allows me to express the many levels of my life through color, texture and illusion on a two dimensional surface. Pushing and pulling the paint and bringing it to a place of comprehensive completion is always my goal. Watercolors are my usual medium; I present what is at times an amalgamation of the athletic male physique and abstraction. The outcome and what shines through is an obsession with the process itself. My work exhibits a refined palette on a variety of subjects from the complexity and intrigue of an athletic male physique to the voyeuristic high of love lost but not forgotten. I try not to limit myself and find the joy and drive in always finding new and exciting subjects to paint.

For me, the magic of a piece of art is about capturing both the emotion behind the painting and the technique of the artist. The initial emotion I feel drives my expression. However, the way I handle the paint--my technique at expressing the emotion-- is as important to me as what I paint. To me, an attractive painting has always been as much about how the artist handles the paint as the emotional expression behind the painting. Hopefully, when you look at one of my paintings you can tell I was smiling the whole time I was painting!

Feel free to email me with comments or questions. Your feedback is always welcomed and much appreciated.