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What my project is about and why it matters:

In Your Arms was one of the first pieces I drew that expressed love between men.

As a fine artist, I have always been enamored with the fine arts and the paintings of the great masters, especially of the human figure. Over the years I have visited tens of galleries around the country and I love how in the art world, the human figure and human connection is celebrated. However, I noticed that most of the human figures being represented were female. In my art, I experimented many years ago with contributing some balance and contrast by exploring the male figure through oil and watercolor painting. What followed was an unexpected celebration of my male figure painting by an entire demographic: The gay community. Happy to contribute to the positive uplifting of a community, I continued this focus. As the demand became greater, I found that my focus was almost solely on answering the demand for paintings of the male nude.

I have such a great passion inside to expand my Love Is Love project and explore-- through the love between the paint medium and the canvas-- human love in all of its beautiful human manifestations. In a world where people are so divided and divisive, a positive project that celebrates unity and human connection will be a beacon of hope for us all. In all societies and cultures, art was a change agent and a powerful voice of hope.

Why I need your help to make it happen:

I want to spread this message of love through art on a global scale and with your help, we can do it together! Did you know that all of the painting Masters such as Matisse, Michaelangelo, and Picasso had patrons- people to support what they needed in order to free their creative process? Without patrons, we might not have the beautiful, culture-shaping works of Michaelangelo’s David, Matisse's Woman with a Hat, and Picasso's The Weeping Woman. Can you imagine life without the Guernica?

It’s my dream to expand, launch and begin a global tour of Love Is Love, a celebration of human love and relationships in all of its diverse forms. You can be a part of this!

So whether you just give us a buck a month, or subscribe for early access to the video tutorials and, or even up the ante to one of our higher, premium tiers, know that you’re part of the engine that makes this Love is Love Project go.

So how does Patreon work and what's in it for you?

I will be offering you many opportunities to really involve yourself in my creative process. In fact, for different pledge tiers, I will be offering:

  • Frequent exclusive updates only for patrons
  • A thank you mention in my book
  • Video Tutorials on my techniques using watercolor
  • 5x7 Signed Art Greeting Cards
  • 8x10, 16x20 Signed Art Prints delivered to your home!
  • Collaborations of ideas for new paintings!
  • Original watercolors, ink and oil paintings!

Based upon what you pledge, you'll be part of the process at every stage!

With Love,  Brenden